fashion burglary.

•25 March 2011 • 1 Comment

been a crazy week. good crazy and not so good crazy.

last week(end), i was lucky enough to journey down to sxsw in austin and spend some quality time with great old friends, meet fantastic new ones, hear inspiring tunes, eat amazing food and finally figure out what that clicking noise on my bike was.

after all the music and parties, i had a fun monday afternoon experimental shoot with the oh-so-talented, lindsey white, designer, model and influential fashionista. check out her good work here.

the downside of the shoot/week? as we were wandering her current downtown digs for the shoot, my cell phone, car keys and her computer were taken from one of the buildings. it was definitely an experience making sure that my car wasn’t going to be stolen, dealing with the loss of some audio from a band shoot and trying to wrap my head around the entire situation. things could have been much worse; we are lucky it was only bits of technology.

but still, keep an eye out for some toyota car keys (with an oklahoma keychain) in some bushes in austin. if they turn up, i owe you many an alcoholic drink.



•24 February 2011 • Leave a Comment

found a funny old sx-70 advert and it really made me want to dust off mine and see it in action again.

yes. that sweet sweet action.

thank goodness the impossible project has that new px film out.

if only i looked this good using it.


winding down, winding around.

•18 January 2011 • 1 Comment

after an inspirational photo conference, i was at friend’s house for some drinks and a few comrades were kind enough to listen to my confused/flustered antics.  after a brief bit of chatter about my work, my next move, what to do with my old work, i am still clueless.

to be quite frank, i have no idea what to do with it.

though, it was nice to take another look at it.

it reminded me that this time last year, i was planning an epic trip across australia. i was preparing to meet some funny characters and see beautiful coastlines, wild kangaroos/cattle/camels, immense rock formations, underground desert dwellings, unbelievably spiritual red canyons and swimming holes–you get the idea.

bottom line:  it was more amazing than i could have ever planned for or even fathomed.

so, in the next few weeks, i hope that if i just set the wheels in motion then more amazingness can wreak havoc on my life.

here’s to looking forward!

2011: a year of travel, trailers and tankinis.

•5 January 2011 • 1 Comment

okay. maybe not tankinis. …or maybe so. we’ll just have to see.

as the new year begins, so do many a new projects for me. (as well as those chronic ones that i can just never seem to finish. yes, this includes laundry.)

at the mo, i have a large, lifestyle changing one at hand (or more appropriately, on the mind) involving recreational vehicles, much more in-depth blogging and possibly southern folk music.

a goodie that pam and i spotted on our summer road trip around the red rocks of arizona.

it’s definitely up in the air, but my international travel may continue briefly over the summer. though, i could just as easily stick it out in our fair country tooling around with friends and my camera(s). i have plenty of work to sort through, pull together and wrap my eyes around that time in these parts may be just what the doctor ordered.

with that said and as most things go in my life, all bets are off, all cards are on the table. new adventures are beginning NOW.

sum summa.

•18 August 2010 • Leave a Comment

upon my return to the states this summer, i was lucky enough to make my way around the US to spend some time with quite a few very important people.  from oklahoma to texas to arizona to colorado, missouri, chicago, new york and dc, thanks for all the hospitality!

corpus christi & austin.

new mexico & arizona.

new york & dc.

•14 August 2010 • Leave a Comment

wrapping up a book project, a website, some research, time with family and old editing projects before i head out again.

just a minute sampling of my favorites from the last shoot in sydney/bondi with our favorite canadian artist, zhoh, who continues to create, sell and love all things creative.

much more to come. hopefully before the next excursion.


back to basics.

•20 May 2010 • Leave a Comment

finally getting acclimated to some sort of ‘non-mobile life’ (for a bit).

finally residing in a house.

finally not sleeping in a bunk bed/campervan/sleeping bag/hut bed/dirty floor.


finally editing some long overdue images from shoots in sydney with super talented artist, thinker, writer, stylist, creative director and all-around canadian beauty,  zhòh autrite mauw. check out her inspiring blog here.

just working out some software issues.

more to come from these shoots with miss zhòh.

***happy to be posting again.