figuratively off-roading.

so, i’ve been off the abroad traveling circuit for a good little while. my only recent move (after the germany excursion) was from the four months in dc to the now, two months in oklahoma.

yes, i have managed to have a number of little trips around the states and still have more on the horizon, but this is definitely a time to recharge, quiet my mind and do some good for myself. be that what it may; yoga, organizing my work and my new digs (more on that soon) and just plotting and putting a different meaning into my next journey. something i am really striving for this time around.

i’m not going to beat around the bush, though. i’ve been lazy. very lazy. when i say organize, i mean sit in my robe for hours behind the computer screen…and there is as much organizing of my work going on as there is snow hitting the ground in florida. i just obsess over my addiction to pinterest and bookmarking cool new projects that i could/want/will be doing.

few are photo projects; but more are far from my choice of trade;

*studying up on the japanese shibori dying methods,

*tantalizing my black thumb with vertical garden projects,

*learning about drilling holes in geodes,

*looking up local welding courses,

*gravitating toward the art of loom weaving,

*finding out how to properly grease a trailer’s moving parts.


i hope it’s part of this quarter mid-life crisis everyone i know seems to be going through (and that i officially begin tomorrow).

but until tomorrow, Brain, please stop going in a million different directions.


~ by caty on 29 March 2011.

One Response to “figuratively off-roading.”

  1. where. are. you?

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