happy birth-month, america.

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happy to be home right now.

photo from here.



ben folds does tulsa.

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just found out he’s here tonight. was a delight when i took pictures of him talking about pictures at nat geo back in december.

too bad he’s sold out.


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even in our mid-twenties, we still may be a bit out of focus, but i think it’s all for the best.

happy birthday, pammy. love you.

traveling tornadoes.

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the number of google realtime results for just the word “tornadoes” is increasing every three seconds right now.

this weather is really hitting home. literally.

this afternoon, i drove through joplin on my way to tulsa from a lovely (though a bit rainy) weekend in columbia. due to a scheduling conflict (ugh, doctor’s appointments), i was only able to make a 15 minute drive through and shoot a few images with my hand-me-down, old school iphone 3g.

even though these quick, from-the-drivers-seat pictures show 1/1,000,000 of the damage. the destruction was devastating. fortunately, relief crews were quick to respond, media coverage is vast (witnessed the cnn express bus booking it down an exit ramp) and everyone is pulling together to create a tight support system.

i don’t want to speak for other oklahomans, but even when i see a tornado warning, a lime green sky and hear the screeching sirens, i usually roll my eyes and continue with my internet surf. today was just a healthy reminder to take natural disasters a bit more seriously. they’re the real deal.

((…and to make sure your insurance is up-to-date.))

i hope to go back through joplin or over to chickasha or piedmont to help out a bit.

bluegrassin’ missour-ah.

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other than the intense, random tornadic storms this weekend, it was a great time for a super quick visit my alma mater to see some great old friends from college and from the columbia music scene.

ironweed was generous enough to ask me to pop up to mid-mo for a band photo shoot. in need of a website and pr photo update, they contacted me (after shooting them before their chinese debut three years ago) and remain super supportive of my (sometimes questionable) plight as a photographer.

so great to reconnect with them and columbia, i had a great time.

an outtake from the evening, jane’s daughter, izzy, was an amazing help with the shoot and maintains an superb art portfolio herself.

more after my five and a half hour drive tomorrow.

a day for moms.

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spent the day with two generations of amazing moms, including

my own phenomenal one.

love you, mom.

figuratively off-roading.

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so, i’ve been off the abroad traveling circuit for a good little while. my only recent move (after the germany excursion) was from the four months in dc to the now, two months in oklahoma.

yes, i have managed to have a number of little trips around the states and still have more on the horizon, but this is definitely a time to recharge, quiet my mind and do some good for myself. be that what it may; yoga, organizing my work and my new digs (more on that soon) and just plotting and putting a different meaning into my next journey. something i am really striving for this time around.

i’m not going to beat around the bush, though. i’ve been lazy. very lazy. when i say organize, i mean sit in my robe for hours behind the computer screen…and there is as much organizing of my work going on as there is snow hitting the ground in florida. i just obsess over my addiction to pinterest and bookmarking cool new projects that i could/want/will be doing.

few are photo projects; but more are far from my choice of trade;

*studying up on the japanese shibori dying methods,

*tantalizing my black thumb with vertical garden projects,

*learning about drilling holes in geodes,

*looking up local welding courses,

*gravitating toward the art of loom weaving,

*finding out how to properly grease a trailer’s moving parts.


i hope it’s part of this quarter mid-life crisis everyone i know seems to be going through (and that i officially begin tomorrow).

but until tomorrow, Brain, please stop going in a million different directions.

fashion burglary.

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been a crazy week. good crazy and not so good crazy.

last week(end), i was lucky enough to journey down to sxsw in austin and spend some quality time with great old friends, meet fantastic new ones, hear inspiring tunes, eat amazing food and finally figure out what that clicking noise on my bike was.

after all the music and parties, i had a fun monday afternoon experimental shoot with the oh-so-talented, lindsey white, designer, model and influential fashionista. check out her good work here.

the downside of the shoot/week? as we were wandering her current downtown digs for the shoot, my cell phone, car keys and her computer were taken from one of the buildings. it was definitely an experience making sure that my car wasn’t going to be stolen, dealing with the loss of some audio from a band shoot and trying to wrap my head around the entire situation. things could have been much worse; we are lucky it was only bits of technology.

but still, keep an eye out for some toyota car keys (with an oklahoma keychain) in some bushes in austin. if they turn up, i owe you many an alcoholic drink.


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found a funny old sx-70 advert and it really made me want to dust off mine and see it in action again.

yes. that sweet sweet action.

thank goodness the impossible project has that new px film out.

if only i looked this good using it.


winding down, winding around.

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after an inspirational photo conference, i was at friend’s house for some drinks and a few comrades were kind enough to listen to my confused/flustered antics.  after a brief bit of chatter about my work, my next move, what to do with my old work, i am still clueless.

to be quite frank, i have no idea what to do with it.

though, it was nice to take another look at it.

it reminded me that this time last year, i was planning an epic trip across australia. i was preparing to meet some funny characters and see beautiful coastlines, wild kangaroos/cattle/camels, immense rock formations, underground desert dwellings, unbelievably spiritual red canyons and swimming holes–you get the idea.

bottom line:  it was more amazing than i could have ever planned for or even fathomed.

so, in the next few weeks, i hope that if i just set the wheels in motion then more amazingness can wreak havoc on my life.

here’s to looking forward!